Frequently Asked Questions

The total supply of Obsidium token is 14,500,000.

The initial circulation supply of Obsidium token is 5,075,000.

Team (1,450,000)
Marketing (1,160,000)
Liquidity (5,075,000)
Initial DEX Offering (3,045,000)
Airdrop (145,000)
Giveaways (145,000)
Ecosystem (1,450,000)
Staking/Rewards (2,030,000)

Yes, The main mechanisms of Obsidium contract include a 6% sell fee.

No, The tax fee mechanism it’s applicable only for sell transactions.

Liquidity Pool (4.5% / 6%)
Marketing Wallet (1% / 6%)
Buyback Wallet (0.5% / 6%)

Obsidium token will power the Obsidium Ecosystem and will give governance power to those who own’s it. $OBS will be used for fees, rewards, utilities, staking and providing a total supply for new born tokens into Obsidium Ecosystem.

We will be developing an ecosystem by creating a platform where only legit devs, influencers/promoters and service providers will be listed. They will be listed on the platform after KYC and ticking our listing parameters which will make them eligible for a rating system. On the basis of the ratings one can contact a dev, influencer/promoter or service provider according to their requirements and investors can invest in their projects on the basis of the ratings which will keep them away from the scams.

All tokens anexxed or created into the Obsidium ecosystem, will start with a total supply of “0” and this will be generated by staking $OBS.

Obsidium Initial Market Cap will be under $200! That's REAL Decentralization!

As we are into early stages of the project, the Obsidium token can be purchased at the "Buy Now" button that appears on the website

We may proceed with a PreSale into an external Launchpad if we would have enough Obsidium tokens available and there will be a community request for.

Obsidium official launch was planned for 21st November, 2021 but postponed till future announcements. Already Launched!

Obsidium token official launch was postponed as the project didin’t get the enought time to develop the product and gather a strong community arround.

Yes, Obsidium applications it’s safe to use.

A receiver address it’s a wallet address where you would withdraw your Obsidium tokens from our application.

It depends of the Phase in which you purchased your Obsidium tokens. Tokens will be withdraw automatically into your wallet at the vesting period applicable to you.

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